Tips to make Lice disappear

How to get rid of lice Can someone help me? I talked to our doctor earlier about still seeing a fair amount of lice eggs on Oliver and Chomper and I don't really trust what she told me. Oliver is almost due for his last treatment of Revolution and Chomper will be due for his 2nd. The lice are gone but there's still a bunch of eggs on both of them and she said by the third treatment I shouldn't see any...I asked about treating around the house and she said that wouldn't be necessary as lice don't live off of the host...I'm doing everything I'm supposed to as far as house cleaning and quarantine, so I don't understand why they're still covered with them; I must say though, both are growing up pretty quickly and are barely itchy thank goodness.
Any suggestions or tips?� A typical message I get every now and then from parents.

*It's The Facts Of Lice!*

Many symptoms are mistakenly diagnosed as head lice. Dandruff, gobs of hairspray and even small insects like aphids that have been blown into the hair on a windy day have all sent picky parents to the pediatrician for treatment.

The only foolproof diagnosis for pediculosis (a head lice infestation) is to catch sight of the elusive bugs, but look for these signs as well:

*Persistent scratching of the scalp
*Pink rash behind the ears and at the nape of the neck, resembling an allergic reaction
*Tiny lice eggs (called �nits�) on the hair shafts, close to the scalp, that cannot be brushed off
*The presence of tiny light brown bugs (the size of a sesame seed)

*How to get rid of Lice?*

The best way to get rid of the lice and the nits is combing. Fine-toothed combs, specially designed for lice removal, are also available in the market. This process needs patience on the part of both the parents and the children. Make sections of the hair and clip them with pins or clips. Then comb the hair slowly, trapping the lice and the nits into the teeth of the comb. HOW TO GET RID OF LICE EGGS WITH NATURAL PRODUCTS may use your nails to kill the lice and smash the eggs. Then clean the teeth and repeat the process again with different sections of hair. Remember to wash the comb in warm, soapy water for at least 15 minutes after the entire session.

Repeat this process after 7-10 days. Do this for at least 3-4 times to make sure the lice have disappeared completely.

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